The FOPA is a civilian affiliate of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP). Our members are friends and families of law enforcement Officers, responsible and respected business persons, professional men and women, and citizens from all walks of life—people willing to devote a portion of their time and efforts toward assisting the various law enforcement agencies of our communities, states and nation.
Nominations are being accepted for the 2014 Kentucky Office of the Year Award  presented by the State of Kentucky Associates.  Please use the below guidelines for your submission.

2013 Recipient - Specialist Mark Richardson, Covington Lodge 1

Nomination Form
Fraternal Order of Police Associate Lodge
Kentucky Law Enforcement Officer of the Year

(List the nominee’s name exactly as it should appear on the plaque if selected)

Lodge Name/Number:_______________________________________________________________
Active Lodge President’s Signature _____________________________________________________
Associate Lodge President’s Signature___________________________________________________

Nominations are to be submitted in resume form by a subordinate lodge stating the qualifications of the member being nominated for this award. The following guidelines are to be followed for the correct submission of an application and consideration by the committee for selection as Officer of the Year.

A. All applications must be submitted in legible typewritten form; giving all pertinent information as to why the members of your lodge feel the applicant should be considered for this prestigious award.
B. All applications must be submitted by a subordinate lodge in good standing. No individual member shall submit his or her name as a nominee for this award.
C. Nominees should be considered on the basis of his or her career in the law enforcement profession, his or her FOP involvement, and service to the community.
D. Only active FOP members currently working in law enforcement or retired from law enforcement service shall be considered for this award. Retired law enforcement officers are to be considered as active members.
E. All applications will be sent to the trustee chairperson who will then disseminate copies to the associate lodge state trustees.
F. In order to allow the committee ample time to read and consider each application, a cut-off date must be set for receiving applications. (*additional consideration can be granted)
G. All applications must be received by the State FOPA Secretary no later than two weeks prior to the first day of State Fall conference.
H. After each committee member receives a copy of all properly submitted applications, the committee members will then advise the chairperson of his or her choice for the Fraternal Order of Police Associate Officer of the Year Award.
J. The chairperson of the committee will then advise the State Fraternal Order of Police Associates and President of the selection for preparations of the Officer of the Year award.
K. The Kentucky State FOPA President shall present the award to the recipient during the following Spring Board Meeting.

Please submit all applications to:
Mail to:       Michelle Hildebrand, Secretary
                      State of KY F.O.P.A.
                      1 Blue Rock
                       Alexandria, KY  41001

*(If unable to mail so the nomination will be delivered 2 weeks prior to conference, please make sure it is hand delivered to the State FOPA President or a State FOPA Trustee with 10 copies prior to opening ceremonies of the Fall Conference)